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Bashpika Thulasi Premium (10ml) Pack of 5


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A ready remedy for Migraine , Headache, Cold, Sneezing, Sinusitis, Running nose, Allergy, Wounds, Burns, Dandruff, Agnail and Itches. Bashpika Tulasi is a multipurpose Ayurveda medicine with no side effects. It is also useful for steam inhalation.

1.How to use … (Headache, Cold, Sneeze, Mucus infection, Sinusitis)

Step 1 : Apply externally on the affected Places

Step 2 : Apply the medicine on your index finger and gently apply inside your : nostrils , outside the nose and above eyelashes respectively, for migraine : gently apply on the forehead

2.(Wounds, Burn, Itching, Fungal infection )

Apply externally on the affected places

3. (For Dandruff control)

Mix the medicine with coconut oil and gently apply on the scalp 10 minutes before bath.


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